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Walt Disney Classic Aristocats

Aristocats (WDC)

The Aristocats is an American animated feature film produced and released by Walt Disney Productions in 1970 and features the voices of Eva Gabor, Phil Harris, and Roddy Maude-Roxby as Edgar the butler, the villain of the story. The 20th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, the film is based on a story by Tom McGowan and Tom Rowe, and revolves around a family of aristocratic cats, and how an alley cat acquaintance helps them after a butler has kidnapped them to gain his mistress' fortune which was intended to go to them. It was originally released to theaters by Buena Vista Distribution on December 11, 1970.
Aristocrats Opening Title
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Status: Discontinued
Introduced: 2000
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Italian Cat
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Introduced: 2003
Russian Cat
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Introduced: 2003
Thomas O'Malley
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