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Walt Disney Classic Runaway Brain

Runaway Brain (WDC)

Runaway Brain is an animated short filmproduced by Walt Disney Feature Animation Paris, and starring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. It was first released on April 7, 1995 attached to A Goofy Movie, and was re-released on August 11 of the same year with A Kid in King Arthur's Court, and on July 16, 1997 in front of Disney's live-action remake of George of the Jungle. It was also screened along with Disney's 1995 animated film Pocahontas. It was also released in theaters in the UK with Lilo & Stitch in 2002, The short was to be re-released with 101 Dalmatians, which was sent to theaters with the short attached in 1996, but Disney asked theater owners to cut the short off all film prints to replace it with trailers for Hercules, That Darn Cat, Jungle 2 Jungle and George of the Jungle. In international theaters, it was shown preceding A Goofy Movie.

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