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Village Lighting & Power

Village Lighting & Power
Village Lighting & Power was established in 2018 as an alternative solution for the lighting and power distribution of Department 56 village houses.

With the commercialization of halogen and LED technologies, standard household lighting has become slightly more complex to understand. Most of us are familiar with standard incandescent light bulb. This bulb heats a wire filament through the passage of current to a temperature that results in the generation of light. The higher the power consumption (watts), the brighter the bulb is. This is best demonstrated using 3-way bulb (60, 90, 120 watts) With each increase, the light bulb became brighter and we switch the bulb to the desired brightness. One level for watching TV and another for reading.

Wattage became the standard for what we understood to be energy consumption as well as brightness (a measure of lumens). With the introduction of new technology, the light emitting diode (LED) technology, we have greater flexibility and customization of both the brightness (lumens) as well as the "whiteness" (color temperature) of our bulbs.

The standard Department 56 incandescent bulb (the short tubular bulbs) is a 5 to 7-watt bulb. Early Snow Village houses were distributed with C7 bulb (shaped like the more traditional Christmas light); clear; and 7 and 10-watts from the ones measured. These were replaced in the 1980s with the standard 7-watt bulb that we associate with Department 56 houses. More recently that bulb has been distributed in a 5-watt version. The difference between the 5-watt and 7-watt are subtle and not noticeable.

We have introduced a line of lower cost, incandescent replacement bulbs in both a standard 3-pack and 25-box packages.

We have also developed a line of Forever LED replacement bulbs. These bulbs cost about twice as much as the traditional replacement bulbs but offer significantly greater performance. The operate at about 10-15% of the Incandescent power (an 85%+ cost savings in electricity), they operate very close to room temperature (cool to the touch), and are being introduced in six different lighting colors/temperatures.

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